I’ll always believe in the power of love,
You know I see the good in everyone,
But it just don’t hurt to be a little wise,
I know some people who make you wonder why,
And they don’t even try to hide it,
When they just don’t even care

Some people, yeah yeah

They talk but never hear what you say,
Somebody’s crying and somebody’s afraid,
Somebody’s up, and somebody’s down,
But some people always get around,
They can be so ordinary,
But it’s so unnecessary,
Still you keep on trying,
Holding on inside

Some people, yeah yeah,
Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya,
Some people

Some people, they never change,
They go around in circles,
it’s always the same,
When you really wanna get going
they wanna make you stop,
Oh but when the weak get
strong and take it on they’re
headed for the top,
And it’s so hard to fight it,
No compromising,
They criticize you,
But you just won’t stop

Some people, yeah yeah,
Some people, yeah yeah,
But you gotta keep on,
They make it so hard,
I know some people