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Figure 8 Lyrics FKA Twigs Lyrics for Figure 8 by FKA Twigs

Figure 8 Lyrics FKA Twigs Lyrics Songs

Let me live
Through your vice
Mass appeal
I feel in ten breaths it’s a miracle if we’re still alive
Can you touch it? Is it real?
Paper cards that I feel
The slightest rip is a river that’s overflowing me

Something happened, just above me
I’ve a baby inside
But I won’t give birth till you insert yourself inside of me
I hear you whining, baby lively
I am an angel (hush now)
My back wings give the hardest slap that you’ve ever seen

Figures of 8 around your face
Elaborate, your eternity
You’re so fucking fake that it’s hurting me
I’m just jealous cause you’re more alive than what I’ll ever be
I take a step, I break my neck
Teach me how to lead with my middle finger
Boys growing boys growing girls into women
Teach me how to live life like I’m not a singer
3-3-3-3-3-3, hold that pose for me
Hush now, hush now

Let me live
Let me live (hush now, hush now)
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