My mind speaks mathematics
Sometimes I feel english is a poor translation of my hearts palpations
That’s why I give it to you quarter notes at a time
So that my rhymes are aided by body gyrations
But now it’s like each hymn ain’t nothing but a word with--
Countless synonymns where should I begin with them?
Every +sentence+ is a jail bid
locking me in to +bars+ of meaning with so much space between them
And it’s all real
If I took a little bit of time
to reflect on the unreal my brain might peel off my mind
To reveal this pegasus spree well
whole-sale fairytale echo in a conch shell
But why say it if you can’t see it?
I can call it abstract and say take what you want from it
I could do that all day till my tongue goes numb from it
but see what good will come from it?
I got something to say, I can’t run from it
I gotta confront it. I can’t watch while this...
Music that taught me so much as a child
grows louder every day but the world grows dumb from it
So every line that I draw from my pen
it shapes a letter that makes a word that feeds a verse
A swim for home, a place for infinite styles
but it feels like 9000 miles
So I...

[stroke] Through Atlantic
[stroke] Through the Pacific
[stroke] Through the Indian
[stroke] Through the Arctic
[stroke] Through the cold current
[stroke] Through the warm current
[stroke] To the fare in the foul for 9000 miles
[stroke] Like your swimming from the sharks and the slave ships
[stroke] From a suicide jump to a brave trip
[stroke] Like you see shore line in the distance
[stroke] Like if you don’t, you’ll drown any instance

So here we are again
the same space in mind but now we in a different place at a different time
A different taste to a different rhyme
with so many flavors to embrace, I can’t waste a line
So I’m going for self with no hesitation
cause my-- self expression is my self preservation
My skills pay bills to fulfill my will to do for others what I do for myself
Like motivation through verses as if it was a virtual conversation
on the pros and the cons of a real situation
Inspired by my knowledge of self determination
to ease the frustrations of miseducations
This wise god music from I takin your eye
from trials and tribulations to kingdom in the patience
This wide hallpath is beaten by beats
made from good vibrations passed down for generations
on a...

I get hyped. I get home at night. I get a beat in my head
I get my book to write, I get writers block
I get so stressed that I get dope rhymes from it, just to get rest
I get frustrated from this old world mess
So when I got to get the bad air out my chest
I get on the mic and strive to be the best
But it’s not just the flow, There’s more to the test
I gotta spit like there’s no time to waste
Spit like I can’t take away this life taste
Spit for rebellion, spit for resistance
Spit for accuracy, spit for distance
I can’t just spit that shit you could market
Even though I know we got the same target
And I can’t just spit that old rhetoric
I gotta spit what’s ten steps ahead of it
I gotta spit for the life of my kids
And not just the next meal for my next deal
I feel like these rhymes could shape tommorow
So they could walk through it with a little less sorrow
I gotta spit out the mouth these protections
and stick and move these lines for perfection
I gotta spit shit no one ever thought of
Spit like Imma choke on the salt water
When I...