I don’t know what to do
I think that I love you
You make me feel all warm
As I pull the needle from my arm!

As you flow through me
You become reality
I have become your whore
Nothing matters anymore

Sell my soul for you
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
The next fix I crave
& will until I’m in my grave

I will always be true
I’ll never betray you
You’re always there for me
Even though I’ll never be free

I gave you up before
But always came back for more
Once you’re in my blood
I can never get enough

Like a marriage of sorts
You are always in my thoughts
’Til death do us part
You are forever close to my heart

I had everything I could want
You took it all away from me
I now live on the streets
A shell of what I used to be

Give you up one final time
This last hit & then I’ll stop
Never to you shall I return
As they pull the needle from my arm!