Light of day, fading away
Still they struggle & fight
So they can maintain their play
Fighting to keep the power of day

Suffering now from their revels
Lying in torment, themselves destroyed
Watching the others take their glory
The others to which it truly belongs

The power that calls them
Calls for its need
The darkness is soothing
& Complete in itself

The glory they stole in their need
Can never belong to such as them
Loaned out temporarily at most
But used only to mock what they are

Feeling lost they gaze around
Wondering at folly allowed
In their weakness & desire
To consume & corrupt them

To opened eyes, all is clear
Power perceived was no more
Than a veil of beauty drawn
Across disease & undying filth

Knowing they never belong
Blazing power they desire
Knowing the truth of their dreams
To beg for forgiveness they need

The darkness that called them
That gave them their birth
Awaits their return w/
Arms of forgiveness open to all

The darkness is soothing, an old friend still true
Shameful but happy they return to their home
The beauty of childhood destroyed to the full
The wisdom obtained allowing true happiness