I lie in bed at night
Picture the sky in my mind
The stars are shining bright
When the vision
Takes me far from here
To another place
Where one sun shines
& Constellations differ

I am not safe here
Taken against my will, stolen from my world
Why was I brought here?
No one can tell me, they don’t understand (Why?)

Not a warrior
Have no desire to fight
A pawn in a senseless war
Why must I die tonight?
Here on this world
Which is not my own
Every night I cry
Please take me home

Make my stand
Don’t get in my way
You’ll kill with me
They’ve outlived our stay
We stumble & fall
But won’t give in
Back against the wall
Fighting harder still

They can’t keep me here
I will fight, I will get home
I have a right to live
& Will kill for that right (& Die)

Make way to ports
We board their ships
Our blood flow w/ theirs
No one ever wins
Taking to the air
W/ a victory cry
Soaring away
I burn in the night sky